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David H. from Lubbock, Texas

DOT Tire Number: Have not located - have some news

Make of Vehicle: Ford

Three years ago, I was opening our garage door and notice the drivers side rear wheel had some metal strips showing.

I took the truck to the local Firestone dealer where they said that the tires were not inflated properly which had caused wear on the tire. They noticed that there was plenty of tread onthe tire, just that the pressure in the tire was not what they had recommended. I told them that the tires were inflated to what Ford says they should be at and they said that they were sorry, the tire showed a different pressure and we should always go by what the psi that the tire has posted.


After 20 mins of wanting these replaced because I felt that it was a defect, they told me that they could give me a partial credit for the one tire if I wanted to purcahse a new one. My concern was two fold, replace the one tire that showed the metal strips and also replace the other three tires due to the fact that they too had the same amount of pressure and I did not want to go back in two months with the same problem on another tire. They were unwilling to work with me on this issue, so I then made a phone call to the dealership where we had purchased the truck and they told me that the bumper to bumper waranty did not cover tires and that I needed to deal with firestone directly. I had metioned the psi difference to them and they informed me to always out go by the label on the inside of the door. They also said that if I ever took the truck to a Jiffy Lube or a 15 min oil change place, that they too follow the label on the door, not what the tire has posted. By this time I was very frustrated with the whole mess, so I drove about two blocks down the street and purchased four new tires from discount tire. They noticed the one bad tire and told me that I should take it to the dealer because something was wrong. I told them that I called the dealer and went by Firestone and was given the run around.

Needless to say, I still have the one full size spare that came with the Explorer that has been used maybe twice in the life of the truck. I am giving you this information because I feel that all of these problems that Ford and Firestone are having could have been avoided and they decided to look the other way. The other reason is because I went out and bought four new tires three years ago when I knew that there was a problem and was told by both Ford and Firestone that the other was to blame. If you need to spare of my truck or need to talk to me at any time, please feel free to contact me by email or phone. I am not out to make a buck, but I think some lives could have been saved had Firestone or Ford listened to me or others who had problems years ago.

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