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Reuben L. Y. from N. Hollywood, CA

State where accident took place: Interstate 5 in Northern California

Make of Vehicle: Ford Explorer

Date of Accident: 05/31/98

We were driving on the interstate 5 freeway in California coming from San Francisco when I heard a loud noise and saw a big piece of my left rear tire flapping around the side of the vehicle. Then the car starts swerving. I kind of just let the car stop by itself and pulled over to the shoulder. My daughter bumped her head a little bit but she is OK. And as soon as we got a chance to look at the tire, the threads were actually separated which I think caused the tire to blow-up. The tire damaged the rear well paint on the left rear side, the left side of the rear bumper and the tail light. It was a scary experience especially to my wife and daughter. The damaged end up approximately $3000.00. With that I have to pay $250 deductible and one tire for $100.00. It's all a very stressful experience because of somebody's negligence. I think this people (Firestone and Ford) should be penalized to the maximum. If there is any class action letigation, please inform me.

Thank you.

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