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Lynn H. from Tucson, AZ

Date of Accident: 9/28/00

While driving home from work on the freeway, I noticed my car bouncing like the air pressure in one of the tires was low. The air pressure had just been checked the previous evening and I had looked at the tires as I routinely do before I left work. However, I decided to exit the freeway to look again. I pulled into a parking lot and looked at the tires. Seeing nothing wrong, I continued home through town. I had a bad feeling about being on the freeway with the bouncing even though I didn't see anything wrong. I'm glad I didn't continue on the freeway, because about 10 minutes later, the tread on my left front tire separated. I was in a 35 mph zone so I was able to maintain control even though I could see the tread flying by my window with each pass of the tire. The tire did not go flat and I was not in an accident. My tires are not part of the recall, but I believe they are defective.

I have contacted the Ford dealer where I bought the car 8 months ago (I believe the tires were put on them just before I bought the car which means they only have about 5,000 miles on them), Firestone, and NHTSA.

I plan to replace all of my tires with anything but Firestone as I believe the defects are much more widespread than they are admitting.

I have Firestone FT70c, P225/60R16 97S M+S tires. The DOT code on the tire that separated is EJA6CLH068.

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